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Our headquarter is located in Osaka, Japan

Our ISO 9001 certified facility is focused on quality and safety. 

With the combination of our cutting edge analytical instruments and in-house perfumer, we analyze the trends in the market and quickly respond to our client needs. 

Yamamoto Perfumery Co., Ltd     (Osaka, Japan)

Our office is centrally located in Tokyo.
Yamamoto Perfumery

Yamamoto Perfumery Tokyo Office   (Tokyo, Japan)

Yamamoto Perfumery

Kashiwara Lab (Osaka, Japan)

Safety of workplace and environment protection is one of our biggest focus.

While providing products and services that fulfills our customers' satisfaction, we also focus on the safety of our workers.

We strive to provide high quality products that are safe and sustainable. 

Clean and safe environment of the facility reflects our 
strong belief  that our products can contribute to the beauty and health needs around the world.

We strongly believe that we have the environment to provide the products and services that the industry is seeking, thanks to the facility and the connections we have around the world. 

Yamamoto Perfumery
Yamamoto Perfumery


Our  new office in Los Angeles was established in 2017.

By expanding ourselves to overseas, we provide both our current clients and prospective customers a better access and flexibility to our services. 

Yamamoto Perfumery, USA     (Los Angeles, USA)

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